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About Us

LEWIS & ASSOCIATES is committed to excellence. We make every effort to ensure the highest degree of professionalism and integrity in the staffing process. Helping companies overcome their staffing challenges, as well as assisting job seekers in finding the perfect position.

Our Services

We are a sole source provider. Our office provides a wide range of employees. Direct hire, contractors, or temporary employees. If we do not have what you are searching for, let us know and we will make every strategic effort to accommodate your specific hiring needs. Under this blended workforce approach, you will not need to seek out other vendors for your different company hiring needs. We are not just focused on placing candidates, we are dedicated to building long lasting business relationships.

Direct Hire

With our direct hire option, a employee is placed on a permanent full time basis with the employer. This option allows employers to hire a candidate of their choice after Lewis & Associates extensively screens all qualified candidates and schedules interviews per client request. As a resource for talent, we offer our client companies a finely tuned method for identifying, recruiting, qualifying and referring candidates whose experience, skills, and education meets your hiring criteria. A guarantee is offered on all permanent placements.

Works Anywhere

Whether you are in need of research projects, assistance on a project or continuous virtual services, Lewis & Associates can help you with those needs. Virtual assistants can strengthen your legal team by providing you with an affording, knowledgeable and fast responding team member. Let us become a virtual part of your team!

Temporary Staffing

Lewis & Associates temporary staffing personnel are provided to the client according to the client’s specific needs. The client determines the length of service needed. Temporary and/or supplemental staffing can be used for a heavy caseload, administrative duties, legal research, document review, or ongoing projects. Maternity, medical and vacation leave is a great way to take advantage of our temporary staff. This flexible staffing method allows companies that aren’t ready to make a commitment to hiring, but have a need for skilled professionals to augment their current workforce. This is also ideal for employees who are in the job market and want to get a foot in the door with an organization to demonstrate their value and skill set. For both short and long term needs, our temporary staffing option allows companies to drive productivity while remaining flexible by not having to add an employee to your payroll.

Contract Staffing

We have a variety of support staff who are available to work for you without any long-term commitments on an as needed basis. Our talented candidates are not employees of your firm, which will save you overhead expenses such as payroll taxes, health and pension benefits and vacations. Contract employees can be used to fill an upcoming project or increase in workload. This flexible option allows our clients to hire as many candidates as they need for specific amount of time. This short term solution is perfect for helping you achieve your long term goals.


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